Welcome to VT Batteries

Who we are?

VT Batteries SL is a Spanish company specialized in the distribution of energy accumulators.

We work in the traditional automotive starter and industrial battery sectors for stationary and traction applications.

Our catalog includes our brands such VT Power and VT Premium, as well as the main brands of the market.

Since 2016, the inflow of German capital into the company reinforces our growth possibilities in the national market, completing our offer in batteries for industrial sectors.

Internationalisation is one of the short-term objectives that VT BATTERIES S.L. has in its portfolio, as well as the expansion of brands and products that allow us to be up to the highest level of the market demand.

How do we do it?

Our business model seeks to offer an efficient customer service and it’s based on a close cooperation with the main logistic operators to guarantee an adequate service.

We have enough stock in order to guarantee the viability of the most urgent deliveries. For international transit operations we count with the support of the best specialists in multimodal logistics to coordinate means and resources for an on-time delivery.

Our batteries

Starter batteries: They are specially designed to start up combustion engines, they are used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, boats and aircrafts, among others. Starter Batteries are designed to supply high current intensity in a few seconds and withstand depths of discharge no greater than 10-20%

Other applications

Stationary batteries are designed for applications that include fire-alarm systems, emergency lighting, uninterrupted power supply systems, telecommunications and renewable-energy accumulation. Stationary batteries are constantly being charged to offset the loss of capacity through self-discharge, and are built to withstand occasional deep discharges.

Traction and semi-traction batteries are specially manufactured to supply power to electric vehicles such as forklifts, platforms, golf carts or wheelchairs. Traction batteries are designed to supply relatively low amounts of current for long periods, while withstanding a high number of deep charging and discharging cycles.

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